Who We Are

We are a small micro-roastery dedicated to: crafting excellent coffee, supporting community, and fighting social injustice.


Mariposa was founded in late 2009 on the principles of excellence and giving back. We have a long history of acting locally while thinking globally. We recognize the sweat and tiresome labor that goes into each coffee bean and strive to represent the hard work of the coffee laborers well. We do this by curating each coffee we carry and roasting in small batches. We celebrate the delicate taste notes hidden in each coffee bean. We are artisans but more importantly, we are global citizens who value partnerships over charity and seek to build lasting relationships with the organizations, campaigns, and causes to which we give. To learn more about our story and our quirky team, see this TEDxtalk.


Our Giving Philosophy

We view ourselves as global citizens and believe local choices have global impact.

Our current social justice agenda is simple: putting water-wells in coffee-growing communities that do not have access to clean water. We have been working with Water 4 since 2012 to equip locals with tools to drill water wells and maintain them.

Hard labor and sweat have been put into the specialty coffee we drink and we want you to know that your local purchase has a global impact. When you purchase our coffee, you are partnering with us to fight social injustice and joining us as we pioneer our unique giving concept.


Our Roasting Philosophy

We roast great coffee, source some of the world’s finest beans, and handcraft them to perfection. Our goal is to bring out the natural flavors that are hidden within each coffee bean, celebrating the delicate notes from each origin. 

The thing that drives our roasting philosophy is our passion for social justice. As roasters of Mariposa and curators of its coffee, we strive to represent the hard work of the coffee laborers that have preceded us.