Meet Chantal

Sometimes we call her, Bookie, except, she really is the sweetest. Chantal plays a vital role in connecting us to some of you---she's the smile behind many of our deliveries. She also happens to be a a talented musician and a vigorous advocate of all things true. Chantal has the biggest heart and the greatest laugh! We sure love her. Next time you see her, buy her a beer!

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Water Well #2

Many of you followed our Campaign Rwanda last spring and we wanted to report that while we were unable to meet the goal needed to get to Rwanda, we collaborated with local businesses to raise enough funds to install our second well in Rwanda's Gatsibo district.

We received disheartening news that the first well we installed had broken and that during repairs the local community were unable to find clean water. So we're building a second well in the district to provide an alternative source in case one breaks. That is our hope for each coffee community.

The cost of...

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Cheers to New Life!

Within 2 weeks of each other, our roastery had the opportunity to welcome two little babies!

If you've met us at art walks or follow our instagram feed, you would have met Tyler, he's one of our baristas and design intern. It's been such an honor to have him with us and get to know his family, so excited he got to welcome his son into the world early in March and we got his permission to share some pics.

Hugo Thomas:

photos by Justice Smithers

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Meet Tyler

Tyler wears many hats at the roastery, a jack of all trades, if you will. We call him Forge around here. As our design intern, he really lives up to his nickname (except for the mutant part). From the way he hand packages each bag to streamlining style at the roastery, Forge's got mad skills. Next time you see this guy, buy him a boot of beer.

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