Sustainable and responsible ideals are a big deal to the coffee industry. Most likely because the quality of the agricultural product we get to work with and enjoy every day needs a sustainable environment and responsible supply chain to continue to exist and thrive in.

But what can a small-scale coffee roastery even do to positively contribute to the sustainability of the dearly beloved Coffea Arabica and responsibility of the supply chain?

Back in October 2015, despite the limitations we have being small, we came up with a framework broken up...

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Meet Ezrah

Ezrah is our Sustainability and Social Responsibility Coordinator. He received his B.S. in Environmental Studies from Texas A&M. As a small business we've always found it challenging to juggle the ideals we have for the environment with the practicals so Ezrah's input has been invaluable to us.

To say we are grateful for him is an understatement. He does so much more than just drum up sustainability ideas. Ezrah's also taken the initiative to help out with cupping and production roasting to gain...

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Shipping Update

At the beginning of this year Amyie and I were already preparing our team for the inevitable decision of having to stop free Norman deliveries at some point. Our roastery team has grown by 2 babies this last year with others getting married and moving! Along with increasing production and growing pains such as multiple car problems, we've made the difficult decision to stop free Norman deliveries as a shipping option.

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Thankfulness: Humble Beginnings

I recently shared our story and got to reflect on the early days of Mariposa. For those of you that have been on this journey with us, you know that Daniel built two different roasters using a barbecue grill. We began out of a friend's garage because we couldn't afford rent on commercial property or one with garage. Prior to that, Daniel would roast in the wind and rain. I vividly recall Daniel waking at night during thunderstorms and making a mad dash to cover the grill or even wheel his contraption in doors. I wish we had captured more...

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Palate Trainings

Food has always been an important part of our own family culture.

If you follow us on social media, you've probably seen photos from our palate trainings. We expose our taste buds to wide array of foods to diversify our flavor spectrum, but also simply because we enjoy food.

Specialty foods was something that brought Daniel and I together in our earlier days. We love how subtle flavors and herbs could permeate an entire loaf of bread or delicate pairings of cheese with wine. We discovered the pleasures of seasonal cooking and cultivated a...

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