Water Well #2

Many of you followed our Campaign Rwanda last spring and we wanted to report that while we were unable to meet the goal needed to get to Rwanda, we collaborated with local businesses to raise enough funds to install our second well in Rwanda's Gatsibo district.

We received disheartening news that the first well we installed had broken and that during repairs the local community were unable to find clean water. So we're building a second well in the district to provide an alternative source in case one breaks. That is our hope for each coffee community.

The cost of the second well was approximately $3,628.55. Here is how that money was raised:

From our MAINSITE and LOCAL art shows we raised: $1,655.25
syrup. partnered with us during the months of July-September to raise: $1,000.00
From our The Social Club art show (they also generously donated 15% of their sales): $328.75
Darling Magazine and Ember Hero efforts awarded us an additional $100.00
From our own sales, tips, and donations: $544.55

We are grateful to be part of such a generous local business community. Thank you for supporting us, coming to these events, and donating.

This water well is located in the Gatsibo coffee district, a coffee-shrub nursery. There is so much to coffee cultivation that we have yet to learn but one thing we do know is that there is a lot of sweat and labor goes into growing a coffee shrub before it is able to produce cherries that are then hand-picked, processed, and shipped to Mariposa. We are thankful we have the opportunity to give back in this way!