The Roasting Den

As some of you may know, our business has its humble beginnings. In the summer of 2012, we were fortunate enough to move into a house that was retro-fitted for our coffee roastery. We get asked all the time if we live at the roastery and the answer is, no! The health department would have a conniption.

When we started Mariposa in 2009, we were roasting outside on a BBQ grill-coffee-roaster that Daniel built. He roasted outdoors, rain or shine because we didn't have a garage. If there was a storm in the middle of the night, Daniel would inevitably bolt out of bed and wheel in all of his roasting gear--it was quite the ordeal (especially in Oklahoma). Luckily that was only a short season. Our friends, the Elands opened up their garage for him to roast (circa 2010). We roasted out of the Eland's garage for a long time and tried to persuade the health department to approve our practices (they did not). In order to do things the right way, we saved up (with help of investors!) enough money for our current, locally built commercial roaster. Needless to say, it certainly was a big win for us when we passed our health inspection August of 2012 at our current location on 1120 Garver st. just off Main and Berry!

This is an old photo from early fall 2012 when cuppings were usually just Daniel and I.

Daniel built those wall shelves from upcycled pallet wood. And the espresso bar was also built using repurposed wood from an old porch---that bar was built by the local, Miller Carpentry.

Our roastery is often a source of confusion because it is in a house, so we figure we'd do a quick blog post to clear that up! We are definitely lucky to have our unique workspace and will be posting more photos soon.

We upcycled tree stumps and limbs that fell from tornados into coasters and trivets. Photo taken summer of 2012 after extensive latte-art practice.