The Mariposa Story

This story was written for us by, Matt Carney--it was such a honor to have him put this together and we wanted to share it with you all.

“Mariposa Coffee was founded on the passions of its owners: Daniel and Amyie Kao. Daniel loves everything about roasting coffee --the smells, the science, the transformation of each little bean-- and Amyie makes sure their modest business stays committed to fostering social justice locally and globally. It’s a happy marriage.

In college Amyie would use Daniel’s coffee --roasted on a hand-crank popcorn popper-- to raise funds for anything ranging from disaster outreach to pet adoption, and eventually connecting with a cafe doing community outreach. When Daniel’s popper couldn’t meet the volume they needed, he built a coffee roaster out of a barbecue grill and a rotisserie kit and roasted outdoors, rain or shine. After eight years of roasting, Mariposa’s finally grown into a full-time job for Daniel and their commercial roaster (built locally in OKC!).

As the scale of Mariposa’s business increased, Daniel and Amyie have learned that lasting partnerships are more powerful than charitable giving. By joining with non-profit organizations and community leaders, Mariposa Coffee is currently giving back locally by supporting the arts and globally by putting water wells in coffee growing regions that need clean water. It’s Daniel and Amyie’s long-term hope to see that attitude reflected in the ethic of the batch coffee industry.”