The Big Debut

We were honored to be included in Norman's first annual Fall Festival and decided it would be perfect to share with our hometown, our coffee mobile:

We definitely couldn't have done it without our wonderful community and amazing team (look for bios of each team member in the upcoming months!). Our team may be small, but we are full of passion.

We truly enjoy sharing our passion for social justice and excellent coffee with every person. Come sip great coffee, an espresso and linger---we want to hear your story, too.

It's been a joy to be recognized as Norman's coffee roastery because we are rooted here. Daniel grew up here and Norman is also where we met and fell in love. So, thanks for coming out to support us and allowing us share our story with you. We will be out at community events and around town. Find out where we will be located by following us on facebook or twitter! We hope to see you all again very soon!

We love details and enjoy celebrating the little things in life so you can bet that we will be adding more to our mobile and pop-up cafe each season!