Thanks for Choosing Us

Oklahoma coffee culture is booming, there's no doubt about it. We're excited that Oklahoma is on the map for independent craft coffee! Not only is coffee from our state recognized in other states, we've even been a part of that invitation to have our coffee guested.

Here is what we've been up to and what you can continue to expect from Mariposa:

  • We're still roasting small batch coffee in our locally produced US Roaster Corp roaster from Oklahoma City. We're going to take it one step further with a mobile coffee truck that will be serving great espressos and pour-over coffee. This allows us to connect even deeper with our local community since we'll be more mobile. Stay tuned for the details of the coffee truck. 
  • We're building our first water well in Rwanda through the help of local OKC organization Water4! It wasn't easy raising $3500 but it was worth it, and it wouldn't have been possible without your help.
  • We're committed to supporting our local community and the arts. That's why you'll see us at Norman's 2nd Friday Art Walks giving away coffee cocktails (all tips are donated back into our water well fund to build more water wells). 
  • We promise a craft coffee that will be nothing short of excellent. That is why we cup our coffees at least twice a week. 


photo credit: Darien Coffee


With that being said: here at Mariposa Coffee, we understand you have a choice. With great coffee being poured into our state, there are a variety of choices you can make. With other marketing concepts, you're constantly being told what you need. Instead, we invite you to chose our coffee. We recognize that and thank you, for responding to that invitation.

Thank you for choosing and pioneering with us as we connect our local community with artisanal coffee and partnering with us to fight social injustice in the rest of the world. Although we're entering our 4th year as a roastery, we still maintain our giving identity today as before we started. Giving back dollars and forming sustainable partnerships are foundational commitments that we will stand on and through which we operate our roastery. We're genuine people with passionate hearts that put feet to our words. No gimmicks, no marketing trends; we're craft coffee with a conscience.