Thankfulness: The Earth

The Earth is one of our favorite nooks in Norman. During college, I lived within walking distance of this remarkable market. They use to also own cafe on campus corner but we are happy to say that market and cafe are reunited once again.

Our friendship with Richard and Kate began so long ago, I can't seem to pinpoint a beginning. The Earth has always been a trusty place for all sorts of organic and locally grown goods (well before many of the corporate chains invaded Norman). They also always seem to have israeli couscous in stock while others never did! Anyway, we trust the food they cook and the philosophy they hold. They grow many of the vegetables they use in their cooking and purchase from small local vendors such as ourselves.

Photo of Richard from their feed! Home grown cabbage!

We were part of a community garden and I think we approached The Earth initially about their garden. One conversation led to another and before you know it we were talking about coffee and coffee roasting. Needless to say, we are super grateful to sit on their shelves and be served in their cafe! Run by and grab lunch and enjoy the lovely deck space or walk in the garden. Be sure to check them out as your prep for dinner parties and gatherings.

Amazing community garden. Photo by The Earth