Thankfulness: Social Club

You've seen us serving up coffee cocktails at Social Club time and time again. And we'll have to admit, we crafted cocktails instead of just a manual brew because we were inspired by the timeless and carefully curated salon and shop of Social Club. I'm not  even sure where to begin--It has been such a honor to sit on the shelves at Social Club. Dana and Erica so graciously  took us under their wing right here in Norman just a couple years ago.

Our first event at the social Club at their old location! It was how we got connected to our amazing CSA!

As a business start up, our limited means always left us with very little spare cash to spend in their shop, but we've always been enamored by their design aesthetic and curated goods. We were always a little insecure about our image and let's just be frank, Daniel and I just aren't the "ta-da! Look at us!" personalities and we definitely didn't feel very hip or trendy. While we felt part of specialty food and social justice circles, we did not feel connected to our own peers in the indie art scene that we care about so much. So it just meant a great deal to be embraced by such a savvy shop. They have brought us into an amazing community of dreamers, makers, and artists.

In many ways, Dana and Erica have encouraged us to step outside of our shell and to be confident about our own creativity. We discovered that we didn't have to change a single thing about ourselves and feel accepted as we are. Thanks for doing that, Social Club.

The Social Club is much more than a shop or salon, it's an experience and lovely community of friends! As you prep for holiday parties consider booking an appointment with one of the stylists here---enjoy a cup of coffee while you wait and dabble in the shop, you'll leave inspired.

Thanks for hosting a show and donating 15% of all sales during the art walk toward water well efforts! You ladies are wonderful!