Thankfulness: SHOP GOOD

When we think of how far our tiny business has come, our amazing team, and the community of friends and family in our lives, our hearts swell with thankfulness.

Like many of you, we think, "giving thanks" should be part of our everyday rhythm, yet, there truly is something remarkable about carving out intentional time in the year to be thankful right before the holidays. For us, November stirs up stories long lost in the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

As I sit and sip on my morning coffee, I think about the faces we've encountered over the years. I recall the rad businesses we've had the pleasure of partnering with and meeting and feel compelled to share some of these stories in a series titled, Thankfulness.

To start off, we would like to share some stories about our history at SHOP GOOD.

They believed in us when no one else dared to. We still remember setting up our first tasting outside their shop in the Plaza district back in 2009. I had grown just blocks away from there and attended Classen SAS. I have fond memories of walking to the old laundry mat (now Empire Slice) and taking spare change to the dollar store, so I love that we were able to kick off at the Plaza. SHOP GOOD has moved since then to Auto Alley in OKC and are honored to still be carried in their shop today.

We've learned so much from Justin and Audrey at SHOP GOOD, they have encouraged us to consistently refine our craft and influenced the way we view the clothes on our back:

“We value the worth of the lives and livelihoods behind each piece of cloth. It’s important to us that our products and price points inspire and empower our customers to spend thoughtfully, since saving a few dollars can often come at a high human and environmental cost.”

When we started out at the Plaza, our coffee was sold simply as, "coffee by Daniel" in thing paint canisters (I wish we had a photo). Needless to say, we've both come a long way and are deeply thankful for their friendship and partnership. We've grown and become the small  business that we are thanks to them! Check them out!