Thankfulness: Forward Foods

We remember sheepishly handing a sample to the cheese mongers at Forward Foods during the summer of 2010. Their refined palates were so intimidating to us at the time. We were still roasting on our DIY-Barbeque roaster out in the wind and rain, so when we got an email from Suzy (one of the owners)  stating that she could taste blueberries notes in her coffee, we were ecstatic! 

This was their first location off of Main St. They were our first retailer that we no existing friendships with at that time! We've had a blast getting to know the Forwards Foods Crew!

Our affection for fine foods was what initially drew us into Forward Foods. After college, Daniel and I had backpacked through parts of Western Europe on a shoestring budget---we loved it! We picnicked a ton and really felt like we got to travel like a local. Needless to say, upon our return to Oklahoma we grew nostalgic for access to fine foods and stumbled into Forward Foods again and again. I guess it's hard not to be a foodie when you're in specialty coffee, ha!

Suzy and Wampus's opened our eyes to the world of fine foods and even pairings of cheese with coffee. Their constant encouragement of our craft gave us the gusto we needed to continually refine our roasting technique and seek investments for the US Roasters Corp. roaster we have today.

To us, Forward Foods is more than just specialty goods. They are a link to the a global food culture as well as a door to find many local artisan goods! Check them out for their delicious lunch sometime, too!