Thankfulness: Foolish Things Coffee

We still remember our first visit to Foolish Things vividly. It was a chance encounter with Justin, co-owner and James, the manager. Our little one had a thing for ice cubes and decaf espresso at the time, so they brought out a creamy decaf espresso for her and an the fanciest ice cube she'd ever seen in her a life, a giant-perfectly symmetric cube.

Despite all that, the most striking thing about that visit was our conversation with Justin, his story behind the name, Foolish Things and the Cheshire Cat. We felt that we were kindred spirits in our pursuit of specialty coffee and why we are driven to pursue excellence. We later got to know Katie, (co-owner and wife) through latte art throw downs and Eversomething events. The two of them together have encouraged us in so many ways. About a year ago, they gave us the most encouraging feedback possible for a small roastery like ours, they wanted us to be on their regular rotation, (like a house roaster almost!) while they continue to guest other coffees from all over. They tasted a difference in our craft and our artistry and that combined with their passion meant the whole of a difference to our little hearts. So as we continue our series on thankfulness we wanted to give them a little shoutout and thank them for creating a hospitable cafe and culture that embraces the craft of specialty coffee and not merely trends and fads. We are honored to call them friends and oh so incredibly thankful for them!