Sustainable Coffee (Part 2)

After scouring the world wide web for reports and write ups from the recent World Coffee Conference in Ethiopia, I finally found some! I will post all the links I found at the bottom of this post, in case you want to take the time to read up about it for yourself.

The main sentiment I have about a coffee sustainability movement at this point is that it grows at the pace of a newly planted Arabica coffee tree (meaning that it won't happen overnight) and it will take a whole 'village' to see its success. Every player in the industry including consumers, cafes, roasters, importers, NGOs etc. need to make a commitment and "send strong signals" to the farmer level that they are in support of the sustainability of coffee. Simply talking will not suffice, but talk needs to be backed up with actions of investment whether that be finances or knowledge.

The Sustainable Coffee Challenge set out 3 elements to help players guide their sustainability commitment, decisions and actions:
1) farmer prosperity and well-being
2) conservation of forests, soil and water
3) sustained supply of coffee

The goal is for players to focus their efforts based on where they can have the most impact.

Another announcement from the conference is yet another (seemingly larger) avenue for the coffee industry to streamline efforts called the Global Coffee Platform unveiling Vision 2020

Hopefully with the existence of multiple platforms and avenues we will be experiencing and seeing strengthened endeavors, not convoluted efforts.

Links to Sources:

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