Storied Traditions

We love meaning, traditions, and the stories that weave those things together during the holidays. In our family, we celebrate the season by having candlelit Advent dinners and sharing meals with friends--we add a candle each day until Christmas!

Occasionally, we will have pumpkins left over from November and use them to serve mulled cider or make Swiss pumpkin soup (we bake the soup inside the pumpkin and serve it as such, always a delight for gatherings.)

I was reminded of why I enjoy tradition so much in a recent volume of Kinfolk:

“Traditions peppered our childhood lives, and the holidays meant they were only more salient. Something to remember our time by, something to look forward to, to have that was special--something ours.”

Another one of our favorite traditions is to make ornaments with small sentimental items that we kept from the year. It's really the little things in life that are worth savoring and celebrating, wouldn't you say? Honestly, we have many more that we love inviting others into, but we'd rather hear from you! What traditions do you keep?

upcyclced berries from the garland and a jersey cotton flower from my birdie arrangement from last year