Personal Update

We have spent the past couple years wrapping our minds around how we can craft specialty coffee like an old time artisan while growing responsibly. As a small business that is built from the ground up, growth is slow, and what we seek is to be responsible (responsible to the consumer for excellent coffee, responsible to the environment (proper cups, bags, ink...etc), responsibly to the local/global community).

So in order to keep on functioning as a responsible coffee rosatery, we decided to sell our 1400 sq ft house and downsize into a 900 sq ft rental! It's taken the past several months to adjust and thus, we've been quiet on the blog so that we can settle,but, we've thoroughly enjoyed the decision we made---it has been an adventure to say the least!

Have you ever felt deep conviction about something? We hope our coffee stirs up something fierce inside of you, bridging the gap between day dream and reality and inciting action.