Palate Training Methods: Smell and Memory

I (Amyie) must admit that enjoying coffee as it is and identifying specific flavors from the tasters wheel has been a process for me. I began as a caffeine addict, but Daniel's meticulous roasting has opened my eyes to the craft of coffee and I fell in love with its intricacies.

In order for me to appreciate coffee, I've learn to take small sips. More importantly to allow sipping coffee to awaken memories from long ago that I eventually trace to a taste note. It's quirky, but founded on the principle of smell and memory. You can find a review article here.

Coffee tasting can be somewhat subjective but must be objective to reach friends who do not know us personally but enjoy our coffee. Over the years we've grown to rely on our sense of smell and are still expanding our palate daily by taking time to enjoy the aroma of our foods.

by Maggie Murdock

It was such an honor to collaborate with Edible OKC a couple months ago. We're always learning how to communicate our journey in coffee and palate training. We're so grateful for the opportunity to meet new faces, share our story, and invite new friends to join us in this journey.


We've been enjoying the new coffee lexicon and the new tasters wheel released in January! Here's a preview of the new wheel: