More than Just a Beverage

While researching for my TEDxtalk, I asked countless people this question:
Why do you like coffee?

Ironically, most people couldn't give me a straight answer. The most common response ways, 'It's complicated, coffee is connected to so many other things.' and that was how I chose to open my talk.

Coffee is more than just a beverage—for many of us, it is part of a daily ritual. Transforming our mornings, waking us up, and inspiring us with its delicate flavors. Coffee is an art to those who are part of the third wave coffee movement. But, to us, it is more than that. It transforms the atmosphere of a storied gathering, enriches the notion of tradition, but ultimately, holds a powerful key in its ability to transform the very lives of millions who go without clean water in the very places where coffee is grown.

I hope that Mariposa does more than fill you cup with excellent coffee. We hope it inspires you to set out on adventures and do something for the world. To truly adventure in the day-to-day and to fully live. Fully connecting with the very people in your immediate community and the very people behind every cup of coffee. After all, we are no different than you and can struggle with feeling small and ordinary, too. If we each do our part, it can collectively amount to a greater impact.