Happy New Year!

We never imagined that we would be given the opportunity to be part of so many great things in 2014! While Daniel and I have a knack for keeping busy, we learned to carve out precious time to rest and reflect. We dared to dream and be vulnerable.

Running a small business is tough--- there's always something left to do, the seeming pressure to be more hip or whatever so as we look back at the days gone by, we celebrate. We definitely feel that we cannot take credit for the things of this year, it's been the most restful and peaceful year we've had since we began. We consistently find ourselves humbled and surprised at the adventures we were part of this past year:

Who knew selling our home and downsizing into a 900 sq foot rental could feel so energizing and peaceful?

Who knew we would feel so incredibly in love with each other and what we do?

Who knew we had such talented and supportive friends? (Thanks, Champagne and Blush, Ely Fair photos, Magnolia Adams photography, Atria Creative!!)

Who knew we'd get to curate cocktails and participate in storytelling events? Thanks, Night of Nostalgia!

Who knew we'd give a Tedx talk about something that meant so much to us?

Who knew that we would be a regularly spotlighted roaster for a top-notch cafe in Tulsa, Foolish Things?

Who knew that we would be given the opportunity to curate 3 art shows this year? And that we could tailor the shows to the art, craft, and social justice needs within specialty coffee? (Thanks, Main SITESocial Club, and LOCAL art gallery)

Who knew we'd get to be part of a Caffeine Crawl? (Thanks, The Lab team!)

Who knew we got to be stakeholders at Better Block Norman? (Thanks, Norman Arts)

We got to see our two Craft Roasters graduate college and send one guy off to Hawaii! (We miss you dudes!)

Who knew we would be able to start a Backyard Coffee rotation this summer?

Who knew we got to be apart of the early-planning stages of a urban village in OKC? Thanks, Wheeler District!

Who knew we'd have the opportunity to attend a Hearth Mag gathering?

Who knew that local businesses would want to partner alongside us and help us raise funds to install a second water well in Rwanda? (Thank you, Syrup, Social Club, Ember Arts, Norman Arts Council, LOCAL, Scissortail Media, Atria Creative, Wishing Well, Water4!)

Who knew we'd get the opportunity to be represented in Plaza district, the place where it all began so many years ago?

These are just a few of our highlights, what are yours?

We've learned a lot and grown with the help of many friends, family, and our sweet community. We hope your holidays have been nothing short of merry and bright! We wish you the happiest New Years! Cheers!