Feel Good about Our Sustainable Packaging

Did you know that we carefully package our coffee in the most sustainable way possible? The challenge is usually finding a recylced/compostable bag that does not compromise the flavor of our coffee but we were able to find a company that uses  a compostable bag  with Biotre film to lock in flavors. Our bags have a one-way valve that and is lined with biotre film. This particular film was made using renewable wood pulp and does not compromise the flavors and has also been certified to be compostable even in home composts (average degradation time of 90 days in the home compost). Our labels and the tin-tie on the other hand are not compostable, so if you choose to toss your bags into the compost bin, be sure to rip the labels and tin-tie off.  Not bad, right?



Our other coffees are packaged into glass bottles and our cold-brew thoughtfully packed into a growler with very little branding so that you could easily keep and reuse as you please---yes, we thought this through.


Our coffee chemist consultant stated that, "while light can seriously degrade the flavor compounds in brewed coffee, when stored cold and kept refrigerated, the flavors should be retained. The flavor of cold brew is pretty stable" So we went with clear growlers!


Our Ethiopia Kemgin available for limited time in these glass bottles (photo credit: SHOP GOOD OKC)


As for the cups we use for our catering operations and samplings we use Vegware products. We love using them because they are low carbon, low impact, and low waste! Our cups are fully compostable and lined with a corn-based plastic rather than a petroleum-based plastic that make them friendlier to the environment.


photo credit: Pekoe Tea (Edinburgh, Scotland)


We have used our line of sustainable products for over two years now and figure it was time to advocate for sustainable packaging in the industry! Needless to say, you can enjoy our coffee, the stories behind each bean, and the causes we fight for with full assurance that the environment is a priority to us!