Community. Passion. Justice

Many of you may have seen the three words: Community. Passion. Justice on our packaging and info cards. They are the foundation of our coffee roastery and here's a little synopsis on why:


These are a few of the primary venues that have hosted us during local art walks. includes a list of the venues for which we've made coffee cocktails or set up or espresso bar. In years past, we've also set up at Paseo and Plaza district in OKC.

When we first set out to roast coffee we were initially driven to help a local coffee house get fresh coffee while they focused on outreach projects. They would purchase the greens for Daniel and he'd roast them up for them. Our coffee has always been cause-driven and we were too busy being involved with our community, we hadn't thought to explain what we do or even use social media to let others in on our where about until recently. Can you tell that coffee is more than business to us?

Left: When the tornado came through Moore, OK, we were heartbroken and aching to do something more. So in the midst of the heavy rain on the following day, I strapped Em to my back and drove up to Moore to deliver hot coffee with Conner. Right: Later, we helped with relief efforts as a family by gathering supplies for other families. We were glad there were ways for us to proactively help!

We get into the the community in various ways, whether it be local art venues or community functions. In fact, our love for community is one of the primary reasons in us starting a coffee truck instead of brick and mortar! Community love---yep.


Passion is what brings our two concepts together. We operate on a roast to order basis because we literally obsess over the roast of each coffee we carry! We cup at least three times a week (if not more!) meticulously tweaking our roast until we feel it represents their origin.

Our passion for excellent coffee and sustainability drives us to use a special biotre lined bag that locks in flavors yet is still compostable. So, you can rest assured knowing that your coffee will be fresh and that your  bag is compostable (just remove tin-tie and labels). Plus, we've had a long standing practice of checking our roast dates at our retail locations to ensure that coffee stays fresh. Finally, we do all this because we are passionate about seeing the hard labor that goes into the harvesting, processing, and crafting of the coffee be reflected with every sip.


Social justice might just be the very cornerstone of our existence as a company. Justice is the single driving factor when it comes to why we do things the way we do. Initially, we were just roasting beans to give away for other people to use as fundraisers. Then, through a series of serendipitous events, we began roasting for a small independent coffee shop that did outreach to human trafficking victims in 2008. It was there that we (Daniel) developed his craft and technique and the owners of that shop encouraged us to start our business---in fact, they even came up with the name, Mariposa.

Left: Current unprotected water source in the Nyagaruguru coffee growing community. Center and Right: The digging of their first well has commenced! At least 600 villagers will now have access to clean water!

Initially, we began by donating to different organizations on a monthly basis but then discovered that partnerships were more powerful and have refined our scope to supporting coffee growing communities by putting in water wells in areas that need clean water. We long to serve and know these farmers and have given up many things along the way to make this model work---but justice is the very rhythm of our heart.

So you see, coffee is more than a commodity to us. Mariposa is more than a business to us---and YOU, are more than a consumer to us. We see each of you as a partner in this movement of ours. We hope to share with you perfect coffee paired with the satisfaction of knowing that every dollar you've spent on our coffee goes towards something much greater.