Coffee with a Conscience

Caring for the world is just an extension of who we are as individuals. In a world where giving has become "trendy", our march has slowly lost its luster. We find ourselves continually challenged to defend our cause and the way we do life.

It's simple, we give because we care.

Many of you know us from local art events around town but, we also engage in a variety of communities. When the tornado struck Moore,OK and heavy rain ensued the next day (making relief efforts challenging), we were compelled to do something more, so we brought coffee to the volunteers on the fields. We are proactive.

We drive by this site on a regular basis when we make deliveries to OKC. We were heartbroken and did what we could to help. (photo credit: Huffington Post)

Some of the coffee we brought to the amazing Moore relief volunteers on May 21.

When we discovered that our attention should not solely be on coffee farmers but the community of laborers that help with the harvest/processing of coffee, we were shocked to find that many of these communities lacked the most basic of needs: clean water.

Current water source shared by 3 villages in Nyaruguru district

We were determined to do something about it... so our adventure began! 8 months later, we receive an email telling us that our first water well is in the process of being drilled (this previous post chronicles details of the Nyaruguru coffee community in Rwanda). Our hearts overflow with joy as we await news of its completion.

The digging has begun! In LESS than a week, 600 villagers will have access to clean water!

Here at Mariposa, we roast each small batch with these laborers on our hearts and we craft our coffee to perfection because we're driven by the desire to honor their hard work. We want you to know that our passion for great coffee flows from a place of love.

Does your coffee do this? Do you think about these things when you drink our coffee? We hope our coffee stirs up passion with every sip.