Coffee and Identity

You may have noticed that there aren't a ton of personal photos on our site. Here's the deal, we were somewhat afraid people would discover we weren't as hip and trendy or "cool". And, I know that's silly---but I think you know exactly what I mean. It's the feeling of insecurity that sneaks its way into our hearts and distorts our perception of truth.

Since Daniel started roasting well before it became trendy, we've always felt insecure about how others perceived us.

During my time at TEDxOU, we were repeatedly told how we didn't come off as "typical coffee person." When I asked them to elaborate, I understood (and I think you do, too). That particular instance enabled me to embrace our unique identity as, Mariposa and even more specially, as a person, Amyie.

Coffee is magical in that it seemingly reaches deeps into our thoughts at times and brings to the surface thoughts otherwise buried. Our hope is that you know us for who we are and that while we are craft roasters there's more to us than meets the eye. In many ways, we're sharing this with the hopes that you will be able to embrace who you are, too. Cheers!