Chiripio and Our Newest El Salvador Pacamara

We've just brought in a direct trade coffee through Topeca up in Tulsa, OK. This is something we've been wanting to do for a long time because relationships are important to us. So we aim for the most direct route possible when it comes to sourcing our coffee! This will just a short post to share with you a little about the farmer behind our newest coffee.

In Spanish "chiripio" is a wild bird, and only few earn the right to be called by it. Finca Santa Julia: farmed by Alfredo Alvarez Valdes - aka: "Chiripio".

Alredo Valdez (aka Chiripio) --photo credit: Topeca Coffee

“This guy is a true old school badass. I met him last February. He drives around in a 1960's Range Rover, never buttons his shirt all the way up, and always has a pistol hanging out the back pocket of his denims. Just thought you should know who's growing that Pacamara.”

This story is courtesy of Ian at Topeka. Cheers!