Birch Coffee (Mariposa in NYC!)

Mariposa coffee has had the honor of being a a guest at the various Birch Coffee locations in NYC (ever since this summer). Our friendship with Birch stems from a serendipitous encounter at a food fair the spring of 2012  where we bonded over our shared values for community and craft coffee---needless to say, we've been friends ever since!

One of our favorite captures of the FlatIron district while there--this was ironically taken just moments before meeting our friends at Birch!

The most memorable thing about our chance encounter? Birch Coffee Cold Brew. Their cold brew still stands as among the best we've ever had! After tasting their cold brew, we were inspired to bring out the delicate sweetness in ours. We are often told that our cold brew doesn't require cream/sugar and we simply credit the inspiration to Birch. Their cold-brew is outstanding and they even deliver on bicycle throughout the city!

Photocredit: The New York Post

We loved that their passion for community-center coffee shop began in the heart of Manhattan. They opened their first shop in the bohemian Gershwin hotel of the Flatiron and have opened an additional two in the last two years. They've used their platform to inspire change and have recently been recognized for their leadership and entrepreneurship. They are in the process of applying for a grant through Chase Manhattan Bank and need your help! So take just a second and vote by clicking on this link. The last day to vote for them is November 15---please show them your support!

Mariposa against a quintessential 'New York City' backdrop. Photocredit: Birch Coffee