Backyard Coffee Fridays: 10am-1pm

We love the outdoors and have always wanted a gathering space. So we had the idea of opening up our roasting space for a few hours to the public this summer!

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During the summer and autumn we will be hosting regular hours at our roastery from 10am-1pm. Since we roast in a retro-fitted house, people often get confused about our space, so we figure we’d just open up our roastery! Come meet our team and our crew!

Forge. Daniel. photo by atria

So, feel free to bring a picnic blanket, lunch, a good read, and some friends and come hang at the roastery. Park behind the dental clinic or driveway and come around back.

Latte art by Dalton (photo by atria

We’ve got a big heart for community and truly enjoy bring our trucks to gathering and events, too, so let us know if you’ve got something going on and we’ll try to be there! We've already been booked for a couple wedding so contact us before our spots fill up! Cheers!