A Place at the Table

Last night, we decided to share the staggering facts about hunger in America with Emmy (our two year old) and are forever changed by her response.

“Maybe we could share my foods with them.
Maybe....we could ALL share our foods”

Her answer was completely unsolicited and unexpected---It's amazing how a child so young sees a solution so clearly and wants to take action.

Our passion for social justice runs deep in everything that we do here at Mariposa with hopes that it would inspire a change. We are simply touched by our toddler's understanding of such an immense issue that we feel compelled to advocate for hunger in light of the Thanksgiving festivities. As Daniel and I brainstorm ways to take action on our end, we also want to recommend this eye-opening documentary about hunger: A Place At the Table.

While many of us have a place where we gather with loved ones to enjoy great food, coffee, and good company, many others do not. This is truly something that is easy to forget and we want to do everything we can to keep these people in our thoughts as we celebrate Thanksgiving.