The Rumors Are True

Our bags and website are getting a fresh look. And it's all thanks to, Tyler N. Ford. Remember him? He takes his job seriously and works diligently at whatever it is our tiny squad needed, from cleaning the floors to packaging coffee. If you've followed us on Instagram you may have seen photos of his meticulous packaging. He even pre-labled bags prior to taking paternity leave because like us, he believes details matter.

While we had a beautiful hand sketched logo designed by some dear friends, Tyler felt that those bags didn't reflect our identity as artisans/craftsmen. So, about two years ago, he began a dialogue with us. There are many road bumps in small business and with our shoestring budget, we had to slowly save up for this and we are so excited about the finished design. And needless to say, he has kicked off his own design practice and we are excited about his future.